Windows Automatic Updates Service is a built-in feature of the Windows operating system that helps keep your computer up to date with the latest security patches and bug fixes. It is an important part of maintaining a secure and reliable system, and it can be configured to run automatically or manually. In this article, we will discuss why automatic updates are important, how to safely use them, and how to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Why Are Automatic Updates Needed?

Automatic updates are necessary to keep your computer secure and up to date. Microsoft regularly releases security patches and bug fixes to address vulnerabilities in the Windows operating system. Without these updates, your computer could be vulnerable to malicious attacks or other security risks. Additionally, automatic updates can help keep your computer running smoothly by providing the latest drivers and software updates.

Is It Safe to Use Automatic Updates?

Yes, it is safe to use automatic updates. Microsoft has a rigorous testing process in place to ensure that all updates are safe and secure. Additionally, Windows will only install updates that are compatible with your system. If you are concerned about the safety of an update, you can always check the Microsoft website for more information.

Common Automatic Updates Service Errors and Troubleshooting

Sometimes, Windows Automatic Updates Service may encounter errors or fail to install updates. Common errors include:

  • Error 0x80070422 – This error occurs when the service is disabled or not running. To fix this error, you can enable the service or restart it.
  • Error 0x80070005 – This error occurs when the user does not have sufficient permissions to install the update. To fix this error, you can try running the update as an administrator.
  • Error 0x80070002 – This error occurs when the update is missing or corrupted. To fix this error, you can try downloading the update again or running the Windows Update Troubleshooter.

Can Automatic Updates Be Disabled?

Yes, you can disable automatic updates if you wish. However, this is not recommended as it can leave your computer vulnerable to security risks. If you do decide to disable automatic updates, you should be sure to manually check for updates on a regular basis.

How to Fix Windows Automatic Updates Service

If you are having issues with the Windows Automatic Updates Service, there are a few steps you can take to try and fix the problem:

  1. Check your internet connection – Make sure your internet connection is working properly.
  2. Check your firewall settings – Make sure your firewall is not blocking Windows Update.
  3. Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter – This can help identify and fix any issues with the Windows Update service.
  4. Check for updates manually – If the service is not working, you can try checking for updates manually.
  5. Reset the Windows Update components – This can help fix any corrupted Windows Update components.
  6. Reinstall Windows – If all else fails, you can try reinstalling Windows.

By following these steps, you should be able to resolve any issues with the Windows Automatic Updates Service.


Windows Automatic Updates Service is an important part of keeping your computer secure and up to date. It is safe to use and can help protect your computer from security risks. However, if you encounter any errors or issues, you can try the steps outlined in this article to help fix the problem.

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