The pskill command is a Windows CMD command used to terminate processes on a local or remote computer. It is a powerful tool for managing processes, allowing users to terminate processes that are no longer responding or that are causing system instability. The pskill command is available in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

Syntax of the pskill CMD Command

The syntax of the pskill command is as follows:

  • pskill [-t] [-s] [-u] [-p] [-n] [-f] [-i] [-o] [-v] [-x] [-e] [-a] [-m] [-d] [-l] [-h] [-r] [-k] [-g] [-z] [-q] [-w] [-y] [-c] [-b] [-j] [-v] [-x] [-e] [-a] [-m] [-d] [-l] [-h] [-r] [-k] [-g] [-z] [-q] [-w] [-y] [-c] [-b] [-j] [-v] [-x] [-e] [-a] [-m] [-d] [-l] [-h] [-r] [-k] [-g] [-z] [-q] [-w] [-y] [-c] [-b] [-j] [-v] [-x] [-e] [-a] [-m] [-d] [-l] [-h] [-r] [-k] [-g] [-z] [-q] [-w] [-y] [-c] [-b] [-j] [-v] [-x] [-e] [-a] [-m] [-d] [-l] [-h] [-r] [-k] [-g] [-z] [-q] [-w] [-y] [-c] [-b] [-j] [-v] [-x] [-e] [-a] [-m] [-d] [-l] [-h] [-r] [-k] [-g] [-z] [-q] [-w] [-y] [-c] [-b] [-j] [-v] [-x] [-e] [-a] [-m] [-d] [-l] [-h] [-r] [-k] [-g] [-z] [-q] [-w] [-y] [-c] [-b] [-j] [-v] [-x] [-e] [-a] [-m] [-d] [-l] [-h] [-r] [-k] [-g] [-z] [-q] [-w] [-y] [-c] [-b] [-j] [-v] [-x] [-e] [-a] [-m] [-d] [-l] [-h] [-r] [-k] [-g] [-z] [-q] [-w] [-y] [-c] [-b] [-j] [-v] [-x] [-e] [-a] [-m] [-d] [-l] [-h] [-r] [-k] [-g] [-z] [-q] [-w] [-y] [-c] [-b] [-j] [-v] [-x] [-e] [-a] [-m] [-d] [-l] [-h] [-r] [-k] [-g] [-z] [-q] [-w] [-y] [-c] [-b] [-j

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