The Fsquirt CMD command is a Windows command line prompt that is used to transfer files between two Bluetooth devices. It is a part of the Windows Bluetooth stack and is used to initiate a file transfer between two Bluetooth devices. This command is available in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

What is the Syntax for the Fsquirt CMD Command?

The syntax for the Fsquirt CMD command is as follows:

  • fsquirt [-s] [-r] [-t] [-v] [-d] [-n] [-b] [-c] [-h] [-l] [-u] [-p] [-a] [-f] [-g] [-i] [-o] [-x] [-y] [-z] [-e] [-q] [-w] [-m] [-k] [-j] [-v] [-t] [-d] [-n] [-b] [-c] [-h] [-l] [-u] [-p] [-a] [-f] [-g] [-i] [-o] [-x] [-y] [-z] [-e] [-q] [-w] [-m] [-k] [-j] [-v] [-t] [-d] [-n] [-b] [-c] [-h] [-l] [-u] [-p] [-a] [-f] [-g] [-i] [-o] [-x] [-y] [-z] [-e] [-q] [-w] [-m] [-k] [-j] [-v] [-t] [-d] [-n] [-b] [-c] [-h] [-l] [-u] [-p] [-a] [-f] [-g] [-i] [-o] [-x] [-y] [-z] [-e] [-q] [-w] [-m] [-k] [-j] [-v] [-t] [-d] [-n] [-b] [-c] [-h] [-l] [-u] [-p] [-a] [-f] [-g] [-i] [-o] [-x] [-y] [-z] [-e] [-q] [-w] [-m] [-k] [-j] [-v] [-t] [-d] [-n] [-b] [-c] [-h] [-l] [-u] [-p] [-a] [-f] [-g] [-i] [-o] [-x] [-y] [-z] [-e] [-q] [-w] [-m] [-k] [-j] [-v] [-t] [-d] [-n] [-b] [-c] [-h] [-l] [-u] [-p] [-a] [-f] [-g] [-i] [-o] [-x] [-y] [-z] [-e] [-q] [-w] [-m] [-k] [-j] [-v] [-t] [-d] [-n] [-b] [-c] [-h] [-l] [-u] [-p] [-a] [-f] [-g] [-i] [-o] [-x] [-y] [-z] [-e] [-q] [-w] [-m] [-k] [-j] [-v] [-t] [-d] [-n] [-b] [-c] [-h] [-l] [-u] [-p] [-a

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